Builing upon the amazing success of The First Annual Greek Adoptee Reunion, held in August 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee, the Second Annual Greek Adoptee Reunion 2023, held in our homeland of Greece, not only gave Greek adoptees from America the chance to visit their home country, but also gave those Greek adoptees and families in Greece, all of Europe and elsewhere the opportunity to attend and connect with each other. The Reunion, held October 14-19, 2023 was the first time this many Greek adoptees gathered together in Greece since they were babies and young children in their orphanages in Greece. It was truly a magical time of bonding, sharing and support, with several adoptees visiting Greece for the first time since being adopted some six decades ago and others meeting Greek biological family for the very first time.  Photos coming soon! Follow the links below for articles and videos about the Reunion: 
From The National Herald
From the Greek Reporter
From the Greek Press Service (APE-MPE)
From Star channel (national Greek TV) popular morning show "Alithies me tin Zina"
From SKAI TV (national Greek TV) popular weekend show "Oi Dekatianoi"
From Alpha TV (national Greek TV) weekend news with Manesis:

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