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Thanks to Lynelle Long of ICAV (Intercountry Adoptee Voices), Greek-born adoptees will have a voice in Geneva, Switzerland as the UN marks the one-year anniversary of the release of the Joint Statement on Illegal Intercountry Adoption. The program will feature testimony from the lived experiences of intercountry adoptees and biological parents. From Lynelle:

The Agenda for the UN Joint Committees with presentations from lived experience and States on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions is now confirmed. For those who want to follow this event live, it will be avail on the UN TV here: 
If you wish to specifically register for this specific event to view it, you can create a registration and have a login and will be notified of the session you have selected to register for. You can register here: 

PROGRAMME: • Date: 20th September 2023 
• Time: 3pm-4.50pm CET 
• Location: Room XXI, Palais des Nations 
- Opening: presentation of the Joint Statement: 5 minutes Committee on Enforced Disappearances
- Illegal intercountry adoptions: testimonies of victims, and States experiences: 25 minutes 
Moderation: Chair of the WGEID
1. Presentation of the Panel (3 minutes) 
2. Testimony of a victim of illegal intercountry adoption: RAIF (Réseau des Adopté-es à l’International en France): Johanna Lamboley (5 minutes) [in person] 
3. Testimony of biological parents in Uganda (5 minutes) [video] 
4. Illegal intercountry adoptions from the perspective of States: France (TBC): experience of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and how the Joint Statement can help future related actions (8 minutes) 

- Relevance the Joint Statement: why is the Joint Statement relevant, what actions should be taken to implement it, and by whom?: 50 minutes 
Moderation: Chair of the CRC 
1. Perspective of the victims: President of Racines Perdues (coalition VAIA): Coline Fanon (5 minutes) [in person] \Spokesperson for Back to the Roots: Celin Fässler (5 minutes) [online] 
President of InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV): Lynelle Long (5 minutes) [online] 
Representative of RAIF: Emmanuelle Hebert (5 minutes) 
2. Perspective of States: Ukraine: investigation of illegal intercountry adoptions: progress of the inquiry, lessons learned, and how the Joint Statement can help future related actions (8 minutes) 
3. Perspective of involved Human Rights Mechanisms: how the mechanisms are planning to further promote the Joint Statement and facilitate its implementation: 
     Perspective of involved Special Procedures (10 minutes [5 minutes each]): representatives of the Special Procedures involved (WGEID [in person], and SR on Trafficking [online]) 
     Perspective of involved Treaty Bodies (10 minutes [5 minutes each]): representatives of CED and CRC [in person]
- Questions and answers: 15 minutes 
Moderation: [TBC] 

- Closing: 14 minutes 
1. Testimonies of biological parents in Ethiopia and Republic of Korea – (5 minutes each) [video] 
2. Testimony of a victim of illegal intercountry adoption from Greece: Linda Trotter (4 minutes) [in person]  
3. One of the Chairs or rapporteurs (5 minutes) [in person] (TBC)