Mexis Steven Graeter
03 May

I stand 

At the arch 

Gazing in awe


It stands 

Rising above all 

Proud, magnificent resplendent 


At today’s inferior achievements


I am now at its crest 

Waiting, wondering, watching 

It has existed 

Long beyond the men who built it 

It shall exist 

Long after I have ceased


I cross the threshold 

There is an ominous silence 

I hesitate 

Then approach its center 

The spectres of the centuries long past surround me, welcoming me


I am one with it 

And it with me

by Mexis Steven Graeter Sarakatsanis

Steven Graeter was born in Greece and adopted by Americans from MItera Babies Center in Athens. He is the Parliementarian of the board of directors of The Eftychia Project. Steven has been fortubate to reunite with both sides of his biological family in Greece, facilitated by The Eftychia Project.